Semi dedicated hosting server

Having more supplemental power and independence for your web sites is always a glorious option. The semi dedicated packages provided by DuoServers.In Web hosting are properly furnished with everything more visited web sites would demand for quicker web content loading times under massive web traffic conditions. Matched with VPS web hosting services, the semi-dedicated web server accounts also provide unlimited domain name web hosting possibilities, but offer way more processor and web hosting server freedom, because of the less semi-dedicated hosting account owners availing of the very same quite rock-solid server. What’s more, you still obtain the semi-dedicated server industry’s greatest web hosting CP - Hepsia. As a standard equipment, at no additional expense. You will tremendously estimate the easy-to-work-with File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click PHP Script Installer and the Website Installation Tool platforms.

Hosting Details Semi Dedicated 1 Semi Dedicated 2
Monthly Fee
Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Internet Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Server CPU Load 100% 200%
MySQL Queries 90 000 / hour 130 000 / hour
MySQL v.5 Databases Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Web Server Space Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address
Hosted Hostnames Unlimited Unlimited
eMmails Unlimited Unlimited
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited
One-click PHP Script Installer
Website Installation Tool
Free Web Page Themes
Service Accessibility